SpaceEx State Space Explorer


SpaceEx Virtual Machine Server

The SpaceEx virtual machine (VM) server allows you to run SpaceEx locally, in a protected and safe environment. The virtual machine acts as if it was a separate computer, connected to the host system only via a shared internet connection. Currently, the web interface runs on Mozilla Firefox, Safari,  Google Chrome, and Opera.

For instructions, see Installing and running the SpaceEx VM.

Latest version:

SpaceEx VM Server in OVA format (VirtualBox) v0.9.8d (~550Mb)

Previous versions:

SpaceEx VM Server in OVA format (VirtualBox) v0.9.8c (~561Mb)

SpaceEx VM Server in OVA format (VirtualBox) v0.9.8b2 (~523Mb)

SpaceEx VM Server in VMX format (VMWare) v0.9.8b (~238Mb)

SpaceEx VM Server in OVA format (VirtualBox) v0.9.8b (~465Mb)

SpaceEx VM Server in VMX format (VMWare) v0.9.8 (~243Mb)

SpaceEx VM Server in OVA format (VirtualBox) v0.9.8 (~483Mb)

SpaceEx VM Server in VMX format v0.9.7c (~194Mb)

SpaceEx VM Server in OVF format v0.9.7c


SpaceEx Analysis Core

For information on licensing and third party libraries, see here.

SpaceEx Command Line Executable (Binary)

These executable files are provided for experienced users. They may be used to update the VM Server to the latest version of SpaceEx.

Latest version:

SpaceEx command line executable v0.9.8e (64 bit Mac OS X).

SpaceEx command line executable v0.9.8f (64 bit Linux).

Previous versions:

SpaceEx command line executable v0.9.8c (32 bit Linux).

SpaceEx command line executable v0.9.8b2 (32 bit Linux).

SpaceEx command line executable v0.9.8b (32 bit Linux).

SpaceEx command line executable v0.9.8b (64 bit Mac OS X).

SpaceEx command line executable v0.9.5 (32 bit Linux).

SpaceEx command line executable v0.9.7 (64 bit Mac OS X).


SpaceEx Command Line Executable (Source Code)

Latest version:

SpaceEx source code v0.9.8f

The third-party libraries required by SpaceEx are listed here, a precompiled archive for 32 bit Linux is available here.

Previous versions:

SpaceEx source code v0.9.8b

SpaceEx source code v0.9.7c


SpaceEx Model Editor

The SpaceEx model editor is a Java program that allows you to create and edit model files.

Latest version:

SpaceEx Model Editor, v0.9.5

Previous version:

SpaceEx Model Editor, v0.9.4

SpaceEx Model Editor, v0.9.3

SpaceEx Model Editor, v0.9.1


Example Models

A small selection of examples is part of the VM Server distribution and can be executed directly from the SpaceEx web interface. It is also available here.

Filtered Oscillator

A parameterized benchmark. A switched two-dimensional oscillator is combined with a k-dimensional Filter to yield a k+2 dimensional system. On a standard PC, full reachability takes about 2 hours for 200 dimensions. Models and a performance result table are avaliable here.

Helicopter Controller

An 8-dimensional helicopter model with a 20-dimensional controller, taken from S. Skogestad and I. Postlethwaite. Multivariable Feedback Control: Analysis and Design. John Wiley & Sons, 2005. Available here.

Example Pack 2

A set of small examples for comparing the LGG and the STC scenarios, available here.