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News from the SpaceEx Project

Release of SpaceEx v0.9.5 with Simulator Scenario

SpaceEx has been extended with a basic simulator scenario. It computes trajectories for a given number of points in the set of initial states.

SpaceEx v0.9.4 released, new features and bugfixes

This latest update fixes a number of known bugs and provides a few new features.

Helicopter Example posted

A 28-dimensional controlled helicopter model is now available here. It illustrates the precision and speed of SpaceEx.

SpaceEx Model Editor Update to version 0.8.346

The SpaceEx Model Editor has been extended with better handling of components and an improved visualization of automata.

SpaceEx v0.9 released, with major gains in speed and precision

SpaceEx v0.9 features a new variable time-step algorithm and a new, much more precise, approximation model. Together, this leads to a considerable increase in performance.

SpaceEx VM Server Update

The SpaceEx VM server is updated with a bugfix release.

Instructions for Converting the Virtual Machine

Instructions for converting the SpaceEx VM server to other formats are now available.

New Documentation: Introduction to SpaceEx

An informal introduction to SpaceEx and its features is now available in the user documentation section.

SpaceEx 0.8 beta released

A beta version of SpaceEx v0.8 is now available for download.

New design for the Web Interface and for the this website

The SpaceEx project website has just been updated with a new design and some new features. You can now find publications related to the project on the Documentation section and the overall design has been redone. We hope you'll like it.