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Publications related to the SpaceEx project, available for download or online reading.

Flowpipe Approximation and Clustering in Space-Time

Goran Frehse, Rajat Kateja, Colas Le Guernic

Proc. Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control (HSCC'13) (2013)


Modular, Hierarchical Models of Control Systems in SpaceEx

Alexandre Donzé, Goran Frehse

Proc. European Control Conf. (ECC'13) (2013)

The Hybrid I/O-automaton (HIOA) is a rigorous formal model designed for the analysis of complex hybrid (discrete-continuous) dynamical sy

Flowpipe-Guard Intersection for Reachability Computations with Support Functions

Goran Frehse, Rajarshi Ray

ADHS'12 (2012)

Recently, efficient reachability algorithms for hybrid systems with piecewise affine dynamics have been developed.

SpaceEx: Scalable Verification of Hybrid Systems

Goran Frehse, Colas Le Guernic, Alexandre Donzé, Scott Cotton, Rajarshi Ray, Olivier Lebeltel, Rodolfo Ripado, Antoine Girard, Thao Dang, Oded Maler

CAV'11 (2011)

We present a scalable reachability algorithm for hybrid systems with piecewise affine, non-deterministic dynamics.

Design Principles for an Extendable Verification Tool for Hybrid Systems

Goran Frehse, Rajarshi Ray

3rd IFAC Conference on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems (2009)

The verification of continuous and hybrid systems is known to be hard, and today tools are limited to relatively small problems.