SpaceEx State Space Explorer

User documentation

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Instructions on how to install, use and update SpaceEx.

Introduction to SpaceEx

This document provides a brief overview of the capabilities of SpaceEx and the concepts behind it.

Frequently Asked Questions

This document provides some answers to common questions about SpaceEx.

A Brief Experimental Comparison of the STC and LGG Analysis Algorithms in SpaceEx

The STC algorithm is a recent enhancement of the LGG algorithm that produces fewer convex sets for a given accuracy and computes more precise images of discrete transitions.

Translation between CIF and SpaceEx

The Compositional Interchange Format (CIF) defines formal data structures for representing systems with continuous as well as discrete dynamics,

The SpaceEx Modeling Language

This document describes the modeling language used in SpaceEx. We provide two
tutorial examples that illustrate how hybrid automata are defined and composed.

Installing the SpaceEx VM Server

The SpaceEx Virtual Machine (VM) allows you to run the SpaceEx platform locally, in a protected and safe environment. The virtual machine runs as if it was a separate computer, connected to the host system only via a shared internet connection.